Knowledge Bank: Returning to the workplace after COVID-19


10 Aug 21


10:00 to 11:00

This session will focus on businesses returning to the workplace after Covid-19 and will be hosted by Julie Edmonds – Head of Employment, at JPC and Patrycja Maksymowicz – Founder & Managing Director, Open Solutions Global.

During the session we will cover the following areas:

  • Employees who refuse to return to the office
  • Hybrid working: what it may look like and how to make it work for your business and for your employees. We will discuss the pros and cons for both employers and employees, the steps to take and the policies that you will need.  We will also consider whether hybrid working could be a springboard for future growth utilising new technologies, adapting leadership and management styles and the impact on your organisation’s culture.
  • Flexible working requests
  • How to manage employees with long COVID.
  • Employees going on holiday and the need to quarantine on their return
  • The impact of employees self-isolating and the rise of the ‘Pingdemic’.


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