2023 Fitness Trends

Following a turbulent two or three years in the fitness industry, what is the fitness landscape looking like in 2023 and what trends are we likely to see over the coming 12 months?

If you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to being on-trend with your fitness facilities and service offering then the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conduct a survey of over 4000 fitness professionals each year to provide insight into what the up-coming trends are. We have included a summary of some key areas we see as essential in the residential and BTR sectors.

Wearable Tech


Unsurprisingly, wearable tech took the top spot again (its 5th top spot in 7 years) and we can only see this continuing as tech improves so ensuring a strong wi-fi connection in your gym is essential. Many of the wearable tech companies run competitions so it might be worth piggy-backing on the back of some of these as a great way to engage residents in some friendly competition.

Strength Training

One area we see as something to take note of in the residential and BTR markets is the #2, strength training with weights. This has been in the top 10 since “strength training” was made more specific and something we are focusing a lot more on in our equipment planning. One gym we installed a few years ago has doubled the size of its free weights area recently, simply down to demand for this type of exercise.  Management companies do need to be mindful of safe use but with an appropriate risk assessment and pro-active management the use of free weights is perfectly safe.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training first featured in the ACSM survey in 2013 and has featured in the top 10 since then. In at #3 this year shows it’s a popular type of exercise. Body weight training uses minimal equipment and space making it affordable and ideal for residential and BTR gyms who are a little tight on space.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities have jumped from #25 10 years ago and in 2023 is in at #6. It was slightly higher at #4 and #3 for 2021 and 2022 respectively but with it staying in the top 10 we see this as an area that is likely to stay, particularly with it being so intrinsically linked with mental health.

Group Exercise

Group exercise has seen a slight climb post-pandemic, rising from #20 to #14 but is still a long way away from its peak at #2 in 2018 and 2019. With a heavy focus on community in residential and BTR, group exercise is something worth persevering with but it’s essential to remain fluid and make changes to the program regularly when demand dictates. A diverse and well managed group exercise program will see resident engagement. An ad-hoc yoga or HIIT class will struggle to gain traction.

These are 5 areas we see as key to residential and BTR communities but they are by no means an extensive list. The full list can be seen here and is well worth a look to ensure you are keeping on top of your fitness offering.

For more information or to discuss a more bespoke, tailored fitness offering then please contact Rob Clarke, Director, Motive8.

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