Cardinus releases low-cost FRAEW for low-rise buildings

Cardinus Risk Management, a leading provider of property risk management software and services, announces a low-cost, alternative route to a compliant Fire Risk Appraisal of the External Walls (FRAEW) for low-rise buildings.

The service has been introduced in response to the new requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This legislation requires that where a building contains two or more sets of domestic premises, the external walls, including cladding and balconies, are assessed to ensure that they do not pose a significant life safety risk to the occupants of the building.

This is a pressing problem for low-rise and smaller buildings, as the cost of a full FRAEW can be disproportionate to the available funds.


Ensure compliance with statutory regulations

The new service is available to Cardinus clients will assist with compliance to statutory regulations.

Cardinus gathers relevant information (including video commentary etc.) about the FRAEW as part of our fire risk assessment service. Using this material, the client can directly employ a Cardinus contracted, or other Competent Person/company to conduct the analysis and give a formal opinion. This will frequently negate the requirement and cost of a full on-site FRAEW.

Cardinus is offering the FRAEW service free of charge, to its clients. It is anticipated that a Competent Person report costs could cost up to £500 plus VAT.

Jamie Truscott, Managing Director Property and Insurance, Cardinus Risk Management, explains why this service has been introduced to customers;

“At Cardinus, our mission is to continuously enhance the value we provide to our customers. By introducing the FRAEW reporting solution for low-rise buildings at no additional cost, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping our clients stay ahead in compliance and safety. This service is perfectly aligned with Building Safety Case and Golden Thread requirements, ensuring comprehensive reporting, secure storage and interactive features for all users.”

How to access the FRAEW reporting service

The FRAEW reporting service is only accessible to Cardinus clients, through the cutting-edge INDIGO risk management platform. INDIGO is meticulously designed to meet regulatory standards, providing clear insights, reliable data storage and user-friendly interactive features for surveyors, assessors and clients.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the FRAEW reporting service, email or call 0207 469 0262.


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