Compassionate Block Management Skills

Compassionate management involves a focus on relationships through careful listening to, understanding, empathising with and supporting other people, enabling those we work with to feel valued, respected and cared for.  

How do Fraser Allen manage compassionately?  We empathise with our clients and residents and seek to understand the challenges they face.  

It is important to be committed to supporting others to cope with and respond successfully to challenges within the industry.  Although compassionate managing agents won’t have all the answers, they do engage with and guide clients and residents to find shared solutions to problems.  


Compassion in business is very important as it speaks to good customer service, it speaks to a deep understanding that how you make a client, or supplier, feel is the one thing which stays with them – when they are assessing the ongoing value of your service or product.

By caring for people’s homes, managing agents can also take on the role of counsellor.  Since the start of the pandemic, the world has experienced declining mental health and heightened anxiety.  Add to that, the cost of living crisis, the cladding crisis and new fire regulations, it will take its toll. 

When the Government make changes to law that will affect leaseholders, it is generally the agent that has to deliver the bad news and give advice as to the cost of how these changes will need to be implemented.  

For us, the compassion lies in the delivery of that information.  Does it need to be communicated by letter, or would it be better to hold a meeting?  You will need to make a judgement on this based on the type of property you manage.  Are there elderly residents, or someone who lives at the property who has dementia and may not understand the letter.  All of these things should be taken into consideration when communicating with clients.  It’s important to acknowledge that not every development is the same and consideration should be made for that. 

Jodie Fraser BA (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICS, Managing Director, Fraser Allen Estate Management 


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