Instant Reservation – helping agents secure sales is crucial for a better market

PropTech company Gazeal says it is launching a new product – called Instant Reservation – which is designed to encourage any agency to simply secure any sale at any point without the need to fully integrate with the platform. 

“This is unique in the fact that agents can use the service any time rather than have an account with us,” Bryan Mansell, Gazeal’s CEO, insists. 

“So it’s there for all agents, regardless of whether they have an association with us, to help improve the home buying and selling process all round. And, as we know, that is much needed.” 


This all comes at a time when efforts are being made to improve the process of purchasing and selling a home, which is too often bogged down with frustrating delays and other avoidable issues. 

Steps are being taken by the government and Trading Standards to improve this, with the recent announcement that all property listings will need to include certain material information by the end of this month. But Mansell says this isn’t enough on its own and more is needed to reduce the fall-through rate and the number of sales collapsing. 

“A certain number of sales collapsing is often dismissed as being par for the course, something we should just accept and tolerate, but that is far too much of a defeatist attitude when there are ways and means to bring that number down,” Mansell said. 

“You’re never going to stop sales collapsing completely, but you can make it a much more manageable number, and lessen the stress, loss of money and frustration that comes with a house sale that falters or crumbles completely.” 

Mansell argues that instant reservation agreements – which help to secure a sale in a much more immediate fashion – are one way in which the market could be improved for the better, providing greater security and peace of mind to buyers, sellers, agents and conveyancers alike. 

“It’s also important, though, that such tools are open to everyone, which is why we’re offering this to agents without the need to be fully integrated with Gazeal.”  

He concluded: “To really improve the homebuying and selling process, we need a collaborative approach – as has happened with the government, trading standards, software companies and the portals when it comes to greater levels of upfront information. Now we need the same thing to happen with instant reservations to keep more sales on the straight and narrow, to the benefit of the whole market.” 

Mansell says the service is free for agents to use as and when they see fit. 

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