Introducing "Beyond Four Walls: A Captivating Podcast Amplifying Female Voices in the Industry

Jodie Fraser, CEO & Founder at Fraser Allen Estate Management is a seasoned expert in the field of block management, is proud to announce her podcast "Beyond Four Walls," a groundbreaking podcast series that highlights the invaluable contributions of female voices in the industry. This thought-provoking podcast featuring insightful interviews, expert advice, and captivating stories from renowned professionals, including Emily Gray, Shelley Jacobs, Lisa Walker, and Alice Cadfan-Lewis.

With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, "Beyond Four Walls" places a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and perspectives of women in the block management industry. Each episode of the podcast explores the multifaceted aspects of block management, shedding light on the challenges faced and the innovative solutions devised by these trailblazing women.

Listeners can tune in to "Beyond Four Walls" on Apple, Spotify, Outcast and many other platforms, where they will discover a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from industry leaders.  


"I am thrilled to have created this podcast and give a platform to these incredible female voices in block management," said Jodie Fraser.  "Their expertise, dedication, and innovative approaches have had a significant impact on the industry. By sharing their stories and insights through this podcast, I aim to inspire and empower professionals in the field while promoting diversity and inclusivity within the industry."

The most recent episode of "Beyond Four Walls" featuring Emily Gray is now available with past episodes featuring Shelley Jacobs, Lisa Walker, Alice Cadfan-Lewis, with other influential female voices to be released in the coming weeks. 

To stay updated on the latest episodes listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast on apple or Spotify or visit for more information.

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