Supreme Court emissions ruling big win for the countryside, says CPRE

The UK Supreme Court's ruling this morning sets an important precedent, requiring fossil fuel extraction projects to include pollution from downstream emissions in their environmental impact assessments. 

CPRE director of policy, campaigns and communications Elli Moody said:

'Today’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court is a big win for the countryside, for the planet and for common sense. We hope it signals a major shift away from fossil fuels and towards clean, sustainable energy.  


'Businesses should not be allowed to profit from causing lasting damage to protected landscapes, wildlife and our environment. We need to safeguard our finite supply of green space to help us reach net zero, not cover it in oil wells and coal mines.   

'Instead of burning dirty fuels of the past, we must urgently decarbonise our energy system by switching to renewable alternatives. Investing in clean, sustainable technologies such as rooftop solar will generate the energy we need while protecting the countryside and the planet from further harm.'


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