The Average Age of a First-Time Buyer Around the UK, Uncovered

Mojo Mortgages, a leading online mortgage broker, has conducted an in-depth analysis of their internal data to reveal how the average age of a first-time buyer can differ around the UK, as well as their deposit size. 

They've also delved into this data further to predict when today's first-time buyers are expected to be mortgage-free. 

Key statistics:


  • The national average age of a first-time buyer in the UK is 33 years, 8 months.

  • Wales is home to the youngest average age for first-time buyers at 31 years. 

  • Comparatively, first-time buyers in London are the oldest averaging 36 years, and 8 months old. 

  • The North East has the lowest average deposit (£29,740) and mortgage total (£144,953) for first-time buyers, making it one of the more accessible regions for those joining the property ladder.

  • Comparatively, first-time buyers in London save the highest deposit (£108,848), more than three times the amount in the North East.

  • First-time buyers in the East of England tend to get the longest mortgage terms (31 years) and are, therefore, unlikely to be mortgage-free until they are 63 years, and 9 months old. 

Commenting on the figures, John Fraser-Tucker, Head of Mortgages at Mojo Mortgages said: “These figures highlight several financial challenges that first-time buyers in 2024 are facing. 

“Firstly, a combination of stagnant wages and the cost-of-living crisis has made it harder for buyers to save a deposit due to a lack of disposable income. Higher living expenses, including rent, utilities, and daily costs, make it increasingly difficult to set aside money for a deposit. These obstacles collectively push the average age of a first-time buyer higher, delaying the dream of homeownership for many.”

You can find the full average age of a first-time-buyer on Mojo Mortgages' website.


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