Property Expert Answers the Most Searched Conveyancing Questions Ahead of National Conveyancing Week

Daniel Chard, Partner at UK conveyancing solicitors Bird & Co, uses search engine research to uncover the UK’s most common conveyancing queries to celebrate National Conveyancing Week.

Chard’s expert commentary, answering common FAQs surrounding conveyancing, aims to educate and inform the general public in understanding the role of conveyancing in the property transaction process. This is in line with National Conveyancing Week, commencing March 20th , which seeks to boost the profile of conveyancing across the property sector, and restore pride in a profession that has increasingly acquired bad press.

The study has looked at the most searched questions relating to conveyancing, as revealed by the keyword research tool, Ahrefs. Conveyancing solicitor, Daniel Chard, then answered in detail.


Some of the questions addressed, along with the number of monthly searches, included:

  • What is conveyancing?- 2.2k monthly searches
  • How long does conveyancing take? – 800 monthly searches
  • What is a conveyancing solicitor? – 600 monthly searches
  • How much does conveyancing cost? – 600 monthly searches
  • When to instruct a conveyancer – 30 monthly searches

Every person in the UK who wishes to buy or sell property would have to go through a conveyancer to ensure the transaction of property is carried out diligently. Yet the purpose of a conveyancer is still unclear and misunderstood by many.

The FAQs revealed a surprising amount of interest in conveyancing as a career, with 350 searches a month asking, “how to become a conveyancer”. Chard said there are a number of avenues to getting a job in conveyancing. These include starting with an apprenticeship, training through a professional body, or extending on a law qualification or relevant experience.

Another common question that appeared in the search looked at how to find a good conveyancer. Bird & Co’s expert gave three helpful tips on this, including:

  • Asking trusted friends and family for a recommendation.
  • Ask your lender, mortgage broker or Independent Financial Adviser
  • Carry out independent research – particularly for local conveyancers.

Chard also recommends carrying out further checks on your chosen conveyancer to ensure that they are members of the Council for Licenced Conveyancers and members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Partner and Head of Property, Daniel Chard, said of the research:

“Naturally, we’re proud to support National Conveyancing Week, which draws attention to the fundamental role conveyancing plays in the buying and selling of a property, as well as restoring faith and trust in the profession.

“It’s crucial that people understand how conveyancing is not just a mere formality, but an integral part of the property transaction process, that protects individuals from falling victim to scams and fraud.

“The temptation to cut corners with legal fees isn’t worth the potential risks with one of your most profitable assets, as well as the financial and emotional distress it can cause. By providing these answers to common questions, we hope to provide greater clarity and transparency within the conveyancing process.

“We also want to encourage anyone who is thinking of becoming a conveyancer to realise how rewarding and fulfilling the role is. In the conveyancing industry, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on your client’s lives by providing them with the knowledge and legal expertise needed to make informed decisions about their property.”

Bird & Co recognise that, for first time buyers especially, the process of buying a house can be complicated. It’s easy, in many circumstances, to fall victim to scams or fraud during this time of transaction. The firm offer online conveyancing services, as well as in person.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in 2023 and require a trusted conveyancer, then get in touch with Bird & Co’s conveyancing solicitors by clicking here.

Bird & Co’s marketing team at Conscious Solutions, who are official sponsors of National Conveyancing Week, are on hand to answer queries regarding the search data research.

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